Silence is precious

Silence is the best health insurance. Silence helps to relax. It increases resistance to various diseases. It helps renovate brain and body.

Silence is under pressure though. Many are unaware their noise is ruining other people’s life. High time to start treating silence as a precious asset.

Let’s make a change

Don’t say it is not possible to change the perception on silence, and reduce the noise that breaks silence. It’s challenging – sure.

Joining forces, our small drips can nourish the river of change. The more people talk about it, the more initiatives we can support, the more impact.

What we are planning

We have the intention to impact. To make the planet a more silent place. To do so, requires time, and effort, and friends that believe in this purpose.

We are now at stage one. We are first building our global network, and sketching the first projects, that could make the first little differences.

What we are doing

Creating a global ecosystem of silence lovers

The first task for Vaikneri is to find fans, friends, and partners who are passionate about the topics of noise harassment, noise reduction, and silence stimulation. We are looking to build three overlapping communities: co-creation community: everyone who wants to think along with us and create great ventures running community: everyone who wants to co-run …

Partner of Tehnopol

We are now partner of Tehnopol in Tallinn (Estonia, Europe). Tehnopol is the research and business campus connected with the Tallinn Technlogy University (TTU). Via Tehnopol, we have access to the start-up community, the academic research, and the  funding community in Estonia, and Europe. Tehnopol will help us get a faster head-start to make the …

Join our journey

We are looking for friends, fans, partners, supporters, suppliers, and anyone else who wants to help us create impact. The plans are not concrete enough yet, to start the action. But as soon as that changes, we will get in touch.

So do send us your contact data if our purpose sounds interesting to you.